Sh!t That Worked For Us

(and sh!t that didn't)


As often happens among moms, dads and pregnant friends, our conversations frequently evolve to the apps, books and products that have worked for each of us as we navigated pregnancy and began our journeys into parenthood. Inspired by Dawn Dais’ book “The Sh!t No One Tells You” … this is the sh!t that worked for us (and the sh!t that didn’t) … in less than 1000 square feet in Manhattan.

DISCLAIMER: We offer no guarantee that the Sh!t That Worked For Us will work for other parents, and any parenting advice offered here or on is purely anecdotal.

Image: Sydney’s nursery in Midtown Manhattan, designed by Shari Francis, photographed by Eitan Gamliely

"And then no one in the house sleeps ever again"

... but there is some sh!t that can help with that.

Go to Sleep

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