Our Story

I mailed a copy of Dawn Dais’ book The Shit No One Tells You (a hilarious must-read for expectant parents — and our standard baby bump gift) to a pregnant friend, along with a greeting card in which I had written, “I really can’t explain it, but motherhood is shitty and awesome at the same time.”

Prior to full time motherhood, I had never been one of those cynical career women, who dismissed the trials and tribulations of stay-at-home mothers. When a mother told me how hard motherhood is, I believed her.

But I was never truly able to appreciate just how difficult it is until my own mother found me one morning, rocking with my screaming newborn in the corner of our nursery like patients in a psychiatric unit, my vomit-soaked shirt crumpled on the floor while my baby’s diaper began to overflow right onto my yoga pants … and that was not even rock bottom.

It gets better.

That became my mantra in the first three months (the infamous Fourth Trimester). The same mothers, who warned about how hard it would be, also provided solace in three, little words … It. Gets. Better.

And it does. But there is all kinds of sh!t that can help make it easier before it does … and which can continue making it easier since it never does actually become easy. Our story is every parent’s story. Parenthood is hard, but this is the sh!t that worked for us (and the sh!t that didn’t).


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