Our Nursery

When it came to imagining the room in which we would be spending hours (… and hours and hours and hours …) with our new baby, we trusted Shari Francis of DADAPT to bring our nursery to life. The project came with a $10,000-budget and a designer challenge:

  1. Create a functional flow between the asymmetrical north-and-south walls in an already tiny room;
  2. Troubleshoot the cumbersome space surrounding the air conditioning and heating unit built into the western-facing floor-to-ceiling windows;
  3. Maintain the existing Behr Harmonious Gold-painted walls;
  4. Incorporate our white Pottery Barn Stratton Storage Platform Daybed with Baskets; and
  5. Reimagine a whimsical moon-and-stars theme in a gender-neutral design (mommy loves astronomy) combined with our minimalist city lifestyle.

The final element that Shari knew was important to us was ample storage for baby and grandma, both of whom would be moving into our home on or around our September 18th due date. Sharing a two-bedroom, 1,000-square foot apartment in Midtown Manhattan with two new parents, a newborn and a grandmother could potentially create its own set of issues, but Shari’s beautiful and thoughtful design has contributed to the harmonious atmosphere and flow of our home (the fact that grandma is awesome and enjoys drinking wine with mama, aside).

Shari teamed up with transFORM Designer Sally Soonthararak to build out the nursery’s walk-in closet. Along with my organizational prowess (not-so-humble brag) and simple solutions from The Container Store, the nursey has proven its value as a comfortable and functional space for our family despite its small size.

COMING SOON: Product reviews of the pieces and accessories featured in the above images.

Shari and Sally’s collaboration was featured on DADAPT’s online portfolio, transFORM’s blog and Westchester Magazine’s website.

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