SoundBub by WavHello

image1Retail: $59.99
Manufacturer Description: 
Soothe, stimulate and connect with baby in the nursery and on-the-go with messages from familiar voices or songs from your favorite playlist! SoundBub is a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker and infant soother designed to be a convenient aid for active parents as well as a soothing, fun companion for your little one. Simply push on the bellybutton to activate white noise to help your child drift off to sleep. You can also play music they already love by connecting any Bluetooth-enabled device. Want to record and share voice messages with your child and loved ones? SoundBub connects directly to our free VoiceShare® mobile app allowing anyone you love to record messages and share content with your little one and each other. SoundBub makes it possible to soothe, stimulate and connect with your child wherever you are!

Product Information:

  • Made of chew-safe materials
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • 30,60,90 min timers or continuous play
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Soft, padded fabric cover
  • Versatile Hide-Away Handle serves as a stand or clip
  • Comes pre-loaded with 2 white noise tracks: Malibu Beach and Montana Rain
  • More soothing sounds and content are available in our VoiceShare app

Product Includes:

  • SoundBub portable
  • Bluetooth speaker and soother
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Free digital album
  • VoiceShare

Why This Sh!t Worked For Us:
For Manhattanites who don’t have a baby monitor that plays white noise, this sound machine is a cute addition to any nursery, but most of us have an acute affinity for anything that has or serves multifunction (I mean, have you seen the apartments with the bathtub in the kitchen?).

Before we received our Nanit (it was on back order for the first six months of Sydney’s life), we never left home (overnight) without Benji, the Bear. Benji–hanging from a corner rail in our BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light–started playing a soothing white noise track (usually ocean waves) at the beginning of Sydney’s bedtime and naptime routines (read more about sleep routines in our Cradle app review; coming soon!) … Thirty minutes later, we placed Sydney in her travel crib awake, but drowsy (I know, new moms, this seems impossible during those early dark months when you’re wondering why your baby hates you and sleep training seems like more of a torture method than a learning program). Benji stayed awake all night, providing soothing sound while Sydney snoozed and helped lull her back to sleep if she stirred. When we switched Benji off 12 hours later, we were usually peering down at a smiley, giggly baby–which is the true reward of the highly coveted good night’s sleep. We’ve gone as long as three consecutive nights between charges, but rarely did we neglect to recharge it every 1-2 sleeps. I didn’t want to know what might happen if it died in the middle of the night (the reality was “probably nothing”), but I also liked the familiar oceanic ambiance it provided when Sydney was in unfamiliar places.

Other features that we used less, but we believe are nice-to-haves, are the bluetooth connectivity for musical variation or voice recordings and the versatility to turn the handle from a clip to a stand.

New Parent Tip: Once we identified, executed and completed a sleep training plan that made us comfortable (in month 5), I found myself wondering what I had been waiting for (the answer was “for me to be ready”), but my favorite parenthood lesson thus far is that babies are capable of (learning) so much more than I gave them credit for. During the first 3-4 months, I was often denying accountability by claiming, “Oh, that wouldn’t fly with Sydney,” or “Sydney isn’t having that,” but I eventually realized that I had allowed my perception of her fussiness to cripple my effectiveness as a new parent. I had to reframe my mindset and embrace the philosophy that we had invited Sydney into our lives and home–and while we will make accommodations and allowances–we have to enable her to learn, adapt and grow into a courteous and thoughtful member of our family. It is truly amazing what, how much, and how fast babies can learn something new. Don’t deny them your own faith and strength. With the right sleep training plan for our family, it was far less daunting and painful than we had grudgingly anticipated. Read more in our Cradle app review (coming soon!).



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