Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath

img_1410Retail: $34.99
Age: 0-6 months
Manufacturer Description: The Puj Flyte makes bath time easy at home or on the go. Its compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it the perfect travel companion. Setting up bath time has never been easier. With no buttons or fasteners, the Puj Flyte can be setup by simply setting it in the sink. That’s it! During bath, it cradles the baby, keeping them protected and comfortable. In such a comfortable position, they won’t want to get out! The Puj Flyte fits in a wide range of pedestal and countertop sinks, allowing parents to bathe baby from a comfortable, upright position. No more bending, kneeling, or backbreaking. You can give the entire bath standing up. Its material is mold and mildew resistant; and since it’s non-absorbent, it dries in seconds. It’s also super easy to clean. Simply use traditional soap and water to gently rinse the surface. It will help it stay extra squeaky clean. Material is free of BPA and PVC. Ideal sink size is about 19 inches (left to right) by 12 inches (front to back) and between 4 and 7 inches deep.

Product Details:

  • Cradles and protects baby during bath
  • Small enough to fit in a suitcase
  • Great for home and travel
  • Fits in wide range of pedestal and countertop sinks
  • Non absorbent

Why This Sh!t Worked For Us (Or Didn’t):
Unfortunately, the kitchen sink in our apartment is too deep for this sleek and space-saving bath time contraption. And, incidentally, the sinks in both of our bathrooms are rectangular; thus I was uncomfortable with the minimal support I was able to finagle with the Puj Flyte. However, had our sinks been an appropriate size to accommodate the shape and design, I am certain this might have been our bath time go-to during the first six months since it can be easily folded and discretely tucked away. We opted, instead, for the Summer Infant Deluxe Bather with Warming Wings–which was not a space-saver for us since we found it to be difficult to fold, but it did offer the infant support and comfort I desired as a first-time mother with a wiggly newborn.

Space Saver: Urban parents should consider that–although both the Puj Flyte, the Summer Infant Deluxe Bather and a variety of other bathing contraptions do fold for compressed storage–they cannot be hung out of the way like the Karibu Folding Bath. We hang ours on the shower rod in the guest bathroom across from Sydney’s nursery.



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