Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather With Warming Wings


Retail: $19.99
Age: 0-6+ months
Manufacturer Description: Safely and securely bathe your newborn in comfort with the Deluxe Baby Bather.  A soft, mesh sling cradles your baby,  while multiple recline positions provide the most comfortable positioning for your little one, making it the perfect choice from  the very first sponge bath. For added comfort, warmings wings are attached to keep baby warm, wet, or dry.

Product Information:

  • Offers your newborn a safe, secure, and soothing bath time
  • Intended for use from birth up to 5 months (infants who can sit up unassisted)
  • Up to 20 lb. maximum weight
  • Features a soft, mesh sling with head support that gently cradles baby
  • Sling features multiple recline positions for optimum comfort
  • Attached warming wings keep little ones warm, wet or dry
  • For use in the sink or adult bath tub
  • Folds compactly for easy storage and travel
  • Machine washable fabric, air dry
  • Imported

Why This Sh!t Worked for Us (Sort Of):
This is a bulkier bather than the Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath, which folds nearly flat but does not offer optimal support in all sink types. Our bathroom sinks are rectangular, for example, and our kitchen sink is rather deep, but we preferred not to kneel or bend over a large bathtub with a tiny newborn.

While the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather optimized our kitchen sink for safe, comfortable bathing, we found it to be difficult to fold, so we couldn’t tuck it away as quickly as the Puj Flyte–or perhaps Summer Infant’s Folding Bath Sling, which might have been a better choice for us had we been aware it was an option. Unlike the Folding Bath Sling, however, the Deluxe Baby Bather offers multiple recline options that can be adjusted for a better fit to your sink or a more comfortable lounge position for your baby. While it is intended for use up to 6 months or until your infant can sit up unassisted, other parents have found success with this bathing contraption through as many as 18 months, apparently.

The water wings were initially a nice-to-have. When Sydney was much smaller and more sensitive to cooler temperatures, I warmed the wings with hot water and wrapped them over her torso throughout her bath, which was more like a sink shower since I was too nervous as a first-time mother to submerge her in any volume of water. Although I did scrub the kitchen sink prior to positioning the bather, it is where we rinse raw meat and dirty vegetables, so–rather than any level of submersion–I preferred for a light, smooth stream of warm water (slightly on the hotter side) to flow over her while she lounged comfortably in the bather. As she got older, I began to notice less need for the water wings, which are detachable and eventually ended up folded in the bottom of our bath caddy most of the time.

New Parent Tip: If you notice that your infant is crying a lot during baths, the water could be too cool. Infants actually appreciate bath water a bit hotter (but not scalding) than you think. Try testing warmer water temperatures if your baby is fussy while bathing.



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