Go Mama Go Designs Vertical Crib Liners


Retail: $99-149
Age: 0+
Manufacturer Description: 
Previously known as Wonder Bumpers.

  • 24″ high (compress to accommodate shorter crib rails; stretch to fit up to rails 3″ in circumference; zip two or more together to cover wider rails or corners)
  • No dangerous ties (just zip on)
  • Remove risk of suffocation/strangulation associated with horizontal crib bumpers
  • Protect baby’s head and body
  • Maintain optimum air flow
  • Inhibit toddlers from climbing out
  • Keep limbs safely inside crib
  • Machine washable (recommend not washing more than 10 at a time); do not iron
  • CPSIA approved and certified
  • Exempt from all crib bumper bans
  • Doctor-approved
  • Cited as safe choice for crib bedding in Journal of Pediatrics Dec. 2015 Issue

Why This Sh!t Worked for Us:
Our Review Coming Soon

24 pack AQUA/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack BLUE/CREAM 38 pack
2 piece 24 pack BLACK/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack CREAM/CHOCOLATE 38 pack
24 pack FUSCHIA/TURQUOISE 38 pack
24 pack FUSCHIA/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack GREEN/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack GREY/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack LAVENDER/LATTE 38 pack
24 pack LIME/PERIWINKLE 38 pack
24 pack ORANGE/AQUA 38 pack
24 pack ORANGE/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack PERIWINKLE/WHITE 38 pack
24 pack RED/NAVY BLUE 38 pack
24 pack RED/WHITE 38 pack
2 piece 24 pack SAGE/KHAKI 38 pack
24 pack SAGE/WHITE 38 pack


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