Honest Soothing Bottom Wash

Honest Soothing Bottom Wash

Individual Retail: $9.95 [5 oz]
Bundle via Honest.com: $35.95 [Save up to 35% when you bundle five Honest products of your choice.]
Manufacturer Description: Bottoms rejoice! Soothing relief is on its way. Our baby bottom wash features organic aloe, witch hazel, and botanical extracts to keep diaper area clean, refreshed, and feeling its best.

Why This Sh!t Worked For Us (Except When It Didn’t):
Girl crush on Jessica Alba aside, I became drawn to Honest products after thumbing through a September 2016 issue of Allure magazine while standing on a CVS Pharmacy prescription pick-up line just before Sydney was born. One quote from the cover story solidified my decision to use Honest’s online diaper and product bundles:

“Everything is a chemical. Water is a chemical. I’m not against chemicals. I care about human health, and I want whatever is safest and healthiest. Some people can have very extreme points of view. I created the Honest Company because I’m not extreme. I couldn’t identify with people who wanted to do everything completely 100 percent from nature. I don’t have a garden growing my own organic fruits and vegetables. I don’t have an organic farm where I’m raising my own livestock. That’s not my reality. So I want the best options that work for me without me feeling like I want to compromise on health or safety. Honest is about that happy medium, and not extreme.”

Alba’s opinion — articulated in response to an apparent misconception that she is an environmental absolutist who thinks all chemicals are evil — was so closely aligned with the philosophy I hoped to embrace in our household, I admittedly did very little additional diaper brand research. And by “very little additional research,” I mean that I did nothing more than unenthusiastically ask around. When products from the Honest cleaning collection were awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal, it reinforced my decision to support the brand, and I slowly began replacing our household cleaners and detergents with Honest products as the time came to restock.

Sh!t We Like
Just a few sprays of Honest Soothing Bottom Wash has helped us conserve wipes when we’re traveling with a finite supply of the brand we prefer (we like WaterWipes over Honest Wipes). We found that we could use less wipes than we would normally need for what Honest describes as “extra daunting diaper duty” (more commonly known as a diaper blowout). Product conservation was especially helpful while we were traveling internationally, and I felt a moderate amount of resistance to seeking substitutions for baby products we had exhausted on the road because I couldn’t read the foreign labels (Carlyle is much more laid-back).

Beyond travel, the bottom wash is also helpful for any aforementioned diaper blowouts — especially when little bottoms still seem to smell of poop no matter how many times you wipe. It alleviates the desire to dunk an otherwise clean kiddo back in the bathtub after particularly aromatic explosions.

Via Honest’s app or website, our Essentials Bundle of five beauty and household products can be created and maintained digitally and is scheduled to arrive in increments of 3, 4, 5 or six weeks. In the retailer push to keep up with Amazon, this is not a unique service since a lot of companies are now providing free delivery and returns. Similar to Amazon’s Subscribe-and-Save, recurrent deliveries can be flexibly managed via their website or app. Like the Diaper Bundle, three add-on items can be included at a 25% discount. When purchasing items à la carte, there is a $50-minimum to qualify for free shipping.

Honest’s bundle shipment dates can be adjusted without penalty. Subscribers will receive an email or push notification to remind them of upcoming shipment dates; however, on the rare occasion that a box was delivered before we were ready or we realized that we needed a larger diaper size, we were provided with stellar customer service bar none. Returns are free and painless. For those living in a confined city space without a private vehicle, bulk purchases — while economical — pose challenging transportation and storage solutions. Like many New Yorkers, a steady delivery service of regularly-utilized items is helpful for our family when it comes to convenience and limited space.

Sh!t We Don’t Like
Prior to a flight from London to Istanbul, Heathrow Airport confiscated our 5-ounce bottle of Soothing Bottom Wash because their security team was inflexible with the size of carry-on liquids. With 20 stamps and one foreign visa in Sydney’s passport before she was two years old, Heathrow was the only airport that gave us a hard time with baby products. I suggested travel-size bottles of Soothing Bottom Wash to Honest via Twitter, and they tweeted back that the request would be shared with their product team; however, an immediate consumer solution is to purchase a 3-oz Travel Mister Bottle, or an even smaller Mini Travel Sprayer, and transfer the Soothing Bottom Wash before you depart. Visit MOMganized for more of our Travel Hacks!

While Honest’s website boasts that the organic aloe in their Soothing Bottom Wash soothes and nurtures delicate skin, we might suggest that you refrain from using it if there is even a hint of diaper rash. In our experience, it seems to sting on raw or broken skin. 


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