Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote by Munchkin/Brica

Retail: $45.00
Age: 0+
Manufacturer’s Description: Traveling with your car seat is easier than ever with this combination car seat cover and travel tote. Just smoothly roll it behind you or use the adjustable padded shoulder straps to carry it like a backpack—no more lugging or stooping! The innovative design even keeps grimy wheels off your back. What’s more, the extra-, extra-large Stuff ‘n Go™ Compartment (did we mention this is big?) fills the void at the center of the seat, making every inch of space available for packing. And with durable fabric, reinforced stitching, a Travel Guard™ panel, and tough wheels, you can rest assured that everything will arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Why This Sh!t Worked For Us:
After piling childcare extras — like diapers, wipes, a Boppy pillow or a favorite baby blanket — into the “void at the center of the car seat” before zipping up our J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Car Seat Travel Bag in advance of every flight, we appreciate the brilliance in the fully-lined Stuff ‘n Go Compartment in the Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote by Munchkin/Brica. Loaded from the outside of the bag, the compartment molds to the shape of its contents, making use of the available space within the car seat and freeing up room in your luggage and carry-on(s) for other essential items.

With its hard-case bottom and seemingly sturdier fabric, we believe the Brica tote to be more durable than our J.L. Childress bag when attempting to protect our car seat during travel. And while the former has both backpack straps and wheels, the latter only has backpack straps. With its dual transport functions, the Brica tote is designed so that the wheels do not touch your back when worn and their trade-marked forward-tilt rolling position offers a more natural handle height (pictured lower left in Carlyle’s right hand). With a one-size-fits-all design, both car seat bags are compatible with standard infant and convertible car seats.

Although we recommend the Brica tote, I did appreciate the embedded luggage tag on the J.L Childress bag. It also came with a velcro strap that secured the bag into a rolled-up duffle when empty (pictured above right in Carlyle’s left hand). The Brica tote lacks an embedded luggage tag, so you should attach one of your own or fill out your airline’s generic paper tag before checking in the car seat at the airport counter.

The Brica tote carries up to 60 pounds, which leaves plenty of allowance for smuggling additional baby gear. With its fully-lined Stuff ‘n Go Compartment, which is loaded from the outside of the bag, you don’t have to worry about spilling additional contents onto the airport terminal floor whenever you insert or remove the car seat.

We initially traveled with a relatively light Cybex Aton 2 infant car seat and later, a lightweight Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat using our J.L. Childress bag, so we haven’t yet tested how the Brica tote transports and protects smaller infant car seats. Sydney was nearly two before we purchased this tote, but I believe we’d be comfortable using it to transport our smaller infant car seat. We’ll find out with Baby #2 (due July 2019).

Munich International Airport
From left to right in the Munich International Airport: Cover Guard Car Seat Travel Tote, M.Z. Wallace Tote Bag, YOYO+, Briggs & Riley Carry-On with Sydney on top

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