We read “The Sh!t No One Tells You” in 2016 while we were pregnant with our baby girl, Sydney. It became our go-to baby bump gift and the title inspiration for our list of sh!t that did (and didn’t) work for our baby, our nursery and our life as new parents.

This blog does not feature side-by-side product or service comparisons, as we’re solely reviewing the apps, books, goods and services we actually used during our prenatal months through Sydney’s first year. We do not guarantee that the sh!t that worked for us will also be the sh!t that works for you; however, if you’re seeking consumer information and user-based opinions about any of the sh!t we tried, we hope our journey can inspire yours (or save you from wasting your own time and money).

Katie & Carlyle


Katie is on hiatus from corporate Manhattan to fully dedicate the current chapter of her life to figuring out motherhood. She has blogged before. Blog-By-Bike chronicled her 50-day cycling journey from Oregon to New Hampshire in 2010. Prior to that, she blogged about Becoming a New Yorker.

Carlyle does not know how to blog, but he is incredibly handsome. While the views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors, readers should not expect that Carlyle has actively composed or formatted any of these posts. He does, however, bring Katie wine while she types.

Neither one of them are experienced parents.